Bars, no longer only good for drinking, now were expected to entertain you!

Take a look at the offerings we've carefully cultivated for your drinking pleasure


Think you're good at darts? Come challenge our bars best! There's almost always someone here willing to play a game with anyone. More often than not there aren't enough boards for them all! A classic bar game, our darts are free!


Due to COVID-19 Dartboard are closed until further notice. Gladiator matches now occur in the dart area.

Hook-Washer Game!

It took $6 to build. Its a washer attached to a string and a dowel. Catch the washer on the hook. Sounds easy? Try it.

(See Sunday Alex for tips and tricks)

Board Games/Cards

Fun fact: The first recorded evidence of card games from from 9th century China. The first known board game comes from 3500 BCE from ancient Egypt.

Less fun fact: At the Spigot the loser has to take a "Shame Shot." See your bartender for details. They are a true punishment.

Video games

We have several old-school video games including: Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Word Search and more! Also weekly video game nights every Monday with Danny! Collection is constantly expanding, stay tuned for tournaments in the future!


Due to Covid-19 even this has been taken from us. Nothing is sacred. Not even video games.