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“We went there for everything we needed. We went there when thirsty, of course, and when hungry, and when dead tired. We went there when happy, to celebrate, and when sad, to sulk. We went there after funerals, for something to settle our nerves, and always for a shot of courage just before. We went there when we didn’t know what we needed, hoping someone might tell us. We went there looking for love, or sex, or trouble, or for someone who had gone missing, because sooner or later everyone turned up there. Most of all we went there when we needed to be found.”

-Excerpt from J.R. Moehringer “The Tender Bar”​

Welcome to the Historic Spigot Cafe

We provide quality craft beers , cold seltzers, quality bourbons, and other cocktails & spirits. Come enjoy conversation, darts, board games, the jukebox, and watching your favorite game on one of our 12 TVs (Including NFL Ticket)


With the advent of Covid-19 we are looking to expand our live sports available on premise. Keep tuned for basement bloodsports, bartender jousting, and all-male jello wrestling.

(JK, we put a washer on a string with a hook. Have fun)

The Largest Craft Beer Selection Around

With 18 taps and more than 150 beers offered in our Grab-Your-Own Refrigerators, The Spigot Cafe has one of the largest selections of beers in Connecticut.

For a list of beers on tap, see our beer menu.

What We Offer


The Spigot Cafe features a constantly changing and evolving menu of beers, wines and spirits. Soon they will evolve further and transcend this mortal plane leaving us to weep in sorrow. So drink while you can.


The Spigot Cafe is famous for its "Bring Your Own Food" feature.  Guests order Takeout, Delivery, and even plan Pot Luck parties at the Spigot.

Hot dogs, Vegan Hot dogs, Snacks and White Castle Sliders are also available for purchase.

Bartenders will work for food if we starve them long enough.

P.S. The Whitecastle Burgers have caramelized onions. It's pretty sweet.


An expansive TouchTunes Jukebox plays all day long, and of course you can shape the soundtrack of your evening by selecting your favorites.  Get the TouchTunes App!


If you are a sadist feel free to bomb us with all the worst songs you can find!